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Green Building

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certifications
Any business, home or other establishment wanting to green a new or existing building must work with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Standards. The USGBC is an organization that provides businesses and others the information and tools they need to support green building. They have a set of criteria called the LEED Standards, which offer those doing the green building a checklist of items and requirements they must meet to be considered “green” and “LEED-certified”.

Orange County is committed to increasing the number of LEED certified public buildings, facilities and employees.

By the end of the year, they will have approximately 10 certified structures in the Central Florida area. Buildings currently in the process of getting LEED certified are: the Medical Examiner’s Office, Sheriffs Sector II, and Fire Station 35.

In addition to getting buildings up to the green standards par, they’re also working on getting more county employees involved in the process. The county currently has five LEED Accredited Professionals and has a goal at get at least five more certified by the end of the year.

Green Your Home or Building Today!
Building or retrofitting your home or business to LEED Standards allows you to reduce your environmental impact and save a great deal of money by utilizing more efficient tools, resources and practices. And, it’s easy to do!

Learn how to get started by clicking here.

Building and Energy Codes
Orange County is in 100 percent compliance with all existing state building and energy codes and also supports efforts to adopt local ordinance as needed. Supporting and implementing these codes and attending Florida Building Commission meetings to stay involved allows Orange County to do everything within their control to reduce environmental impacts in their buildings.

Incentives for the Private Sector
Because Orange County wants to support the green building industry to the fullest capacity, they’re creating methods for private sector businesses to get involved. They’re offering an expedited permit review for retrofitting old buildings or creating new green buildings as part of their Green Development Program. For more information, click here.

Want to Green your Private Business?
Greening your building not only reduces your costs, it also promotes a positive workplace atmosphere, and there’s nothing better than happy and enthusiastic employees. Get your office involved today by taking advantage of Orange County’s Private Sector Program by clicking here.

Use of Green Materials
Low volatile organic compound containing paints and coatings, carpets and carpet adhesives, composite wood and energy efficient light fixtures are among the many green products that Orange County uses everyday. The transition to these green products has not only helped the county cut back on energy costs, but also helped them reduce CO2 emissions.

Although they already use an incredible amount of green friendly products, Orange County is currently trying out some other options. They’re sampling EverLED TR fluorescent tubes in the Project Management Office and using solar reflective roofing on buildings like the Renaissance Senior Center. Some of the local traffic signals and tunnels are built with light-emitting diodes to reduce on energy consumption and the fire stations are experimenting with heat recovery systems.

Buy Your Own Green Materials
Almost all manufacturers are beginning to make green friendly indoor and outdoor products that are now available in your local supermarkets and other convenience stores. From low emission paints to LED lights and earth friendly fertilizers, the supply is widely available.

To find out what green products are available in your area, contact your local stores.

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